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Billie Piper Reveals Her Fears For Daughter in a 'Man's World'

Actress Billie Piper has revealed that she feared having a daughter who would be born into a ‘man’s world’.

Billie, who most of you will remember as Rose in Doctor Who, and in ‘Diary of a Call Girl’ (as well as her pop career before her foray into acting), is mum to Winston (born in 2008), Eugene (born in 2012), and daughter Tallulah who was born in 2019.

During her interview with Stylist magazine, she opened up to the complexities of modern motherhood, and shared that she was initially afraid of having a daughter born into a ‘man’s world’. She said;

“I was delighted and relieved, frankly, when I knew I was having boys. And I’ve adored having sons. I have been constantly surprised by them – how emotional, sensitive and thoughtful they are.

We are too quick to shut them down as children and tell them to be strong when they feel vulnerable; to shame them and yet give them a false sense of entitlement. This has contributed to the creation of a man’s world and one I didn’t want for my daughter.”

Mummies of girls, what are your thoughts?

As the mum of a boy, I can completely agree with her comments about how historically society has created ‘toxic masculinity’ through how their emotional needs are met in childhood. Boys are just as sensitive, loving and caring as girls, and we need to nurture and embrace this. Luckily, in recent years awareness of this disparity has massively improved, and hopefully we’ll see the benefits in years to come.

Tell us in the comments – do you think that in 2020, we still live in a ‘man’s world’? What are your worries for your little girls? We’d love to read them.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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