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Check Out This Incredible Harry Potter Inspired Playhouse!

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, this ambitious project by two magical grandparents is something you need to see…

Dave and Ruby Dunlop of Ontario, Canada, commissioned this unbelievably accurate Harry Potter themed playhouse for their eldest gandchild Logan, two. It was built by Charmed Playhouses who are based in Alberta, Canada. At 350 square feet, the enormous playhouse is situated in their back garden. Check it out in it’s full glory below…

Credit: SWNS.

What does the Harry Potter playhouse feature?

The structure includes;

  • A broom swing set
  • Secret hatch
  • A slide
  • An owlery
  • A Great Hall inspired chandelier
  • Owl themed armchairs
  • Portraits of Albus Dumbledore, Harry, Ron and Hermione
  • A bedroom on the top floor
  • Harry Potter memorbilia
  • A cupboard under the stairs

The bedroom. Credit to SWNS news.

Wow! It’s safe to say that we are pretty green with envy here at Team BBY – these are the luckiest children ever!

The big question… How Much Did It Cost?

The family have declined to answer this question, but the firm charges between $15,000 and $250,000 for bespoke playhouses so it’s safe to say that this cost a pretty penny. Would you do the same if you could afford to? I probably would, as I’m a diehard Harry Potter fanatic!

Find more details and photographs here!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments – would you do the same if you could afford it?

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx


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