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Christine & Paddy McGuinness's Youngest Child Diagnosed With Autism

Christine & Paddy McGuinness’s Youngest Child has been Diagnosed With Autism, meaning that all three of their children are now diagnosed.

Christine, a very outspoken and active autism advocate, has revealed that her youngest daughter has now had a diagnosis of autism, alongside her elder siblings, after suspecting the condition since Felicity was six months old. As she was aware of the genetic aspect of autism, as well as the signs to look out for, it was easier for Christine and Paddy to recognise and ultimately her diagnosis, something a lot of parents will experience if they have more than one child with autism, or even if they have undiagnosed autism themselves!

Christine spoke candidly about Felicity’s diagnosis on Loose Women…

She also shared this poignant poem on her Instagram…

We applaud Christine for her

We applaud Christine for her awareness raising and support for autism – the insight she gives has helped so many parents of children who are potentially or diagnosed with autism, myself included.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

(Cover image credit: ITV)

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