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David Beckham Criticised for Snap Kissing Harper - Has The World Gone Mad?!

David Beckham has come under fire for sharing a lovely photograph of him kissing his daughter Harper… has the world has gone utterly mad?

In a day and age where stories about horrific child abuse seems to be hitting the headlines daily, where children are languishing in the care system, where children are neglected and their needs not met up and down the country (and around the world), I find it preposterous that people are shaming David Beckham and other celebrity parents for their public displays of love and affection for their clearly loved and cherished children.

I’ll be blunt when I say this; if you can look at this photo and see something perverted or sexualised (like some of the comments on the post), then quite simply it is YOU who has the problem. Please seek help and leave this fab daddy alone.

What is needed is PERSPECTIVE.

In the grand scheme of things, with so much hate and evil going on in the world, why are people choosing to hate on a loving parent expressing their joy & devotion, rather than publicly speak out against some of the atrocities going on out there that would actually benefit from public attention?

A parent (and in particular a father) historically has been seen as odd for kissing their kids. In fact, a hands-off approach has been all but encouraged until we became a more progressive society. These days, it’s actually very much accepted for daddies to lavish their children with affection, and giving your child a cute peck is just that. Come on, it’s a clearly completely innocent picture, and thankfully for the most part people agree. As a public figure with a PR team on board, does anyone seriously think they’d even allow him to post something with dodgy connotations…?

Some of the comments I’ve spotted have been utterly reprehensible, I certainly won’t including them in this blog because they’re unsuitable for this website, and because I don’t want to give the trolls any more attention than they deserve. We should be encouraged to openly express their feelings and emotions, and be emotionally available, just as David is doing! Men being shamed for and repressed from showing affection just breeds toxic masculinity, isn’t good for anyone mentally, and it is maddening that affection between a father and a child is even up for debate in 2018.

I digress. Daddies, continue kissing your sweet kids. David, ignore the blithering idiots and trolls accusing you of all sorts. People who are getting sexualised vibes off this photograph, please get some perspective and/or professional help.

To answer my original question – no, the world hasn’t gone mad, the vast majority of comments being supportive has helped me to come to this conclusion (and restored my wavering faith in humanity). But when real issues are going unchallenged and innocent snaps are being subjected to vile criticism, we absolutely do have a problem in society.

From Katie. Xx

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