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Gigi: "Keep My Baby's Face Private!"

Gigi Hadid has requested that her baby’s face isn’t shared online by the media and her fans.

Mum to baby daughter Khai with partner Zayn Malik of One Direction fame, famous supermodel Gigi took to Instagram to reach out to the paparazzi and her legion of followers, asking them to respect her baby’s privacy by not sharing Khai’s face or blurring images where Khai’s face is visible. Gigi and Zayn have notably not shared images of Khai’s face since her birth in 2020, preferring to keep her private with the only clear snaps being of Khai’s adorable little hands!

Her post pleaded with the papparazi, fans and the media;

“I know the laws change state to state, and I’ve seen some paparazzi photos of kids in NYC with their faces blurred — but, from asking around, I believe that that comes down to the integrity of the photographer, publications, or fans sharing the images. I write this all to say: to the paparazzi, press, and beloved fan accounts, you know we have never intentionally shared our daughters face on social media.


Our wish is that she can choose how to share herself with the world when she comes of age, and that she can live as normal of a childhood as possible, without worrying about a public image that she has not chosen.


It would mean the world to us, as we take our daughter to see and explore New York city and the world, if you could please, please, please blur her face out of the images, if and when she is caught on camera. I know it’s an extra effort but as a new mom, I just want the best for my baby, as all parents do… and I hope this can continue the conversation to protect minors in the media.”


Image Credit: @gigihadid Instagram

We think that this request opens up a really important dialogue when it comes to the online safety and privacy of children.

We had a chat with the parents in our private Facebook group as we were really interested to know; how many people actively choose NOT to share their children online, and how many also ask that their family and friends do the same? We don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer here, as it’s all down to personal choice – but the important thing is that your wishes as a parent are respected!

The Results…

We asked quite broad questions as we know that there are many different circumstances and stances in our online parenting community; we have some parents who are intensely private, and some parents who use their children as models for small businesses and brand representative opportunities, so we wanted to encompass this in our poll. The results were as follows;

  • I only share images of my children online on strictly private accounts, with only close friends and family: 82%
  • I don’t post my child’s face online at all, and do not allow friends and family to: 10%
  • I’m happy to share images of my child online and my privacy settings aren’t strict: 2.5%
  • I actively choose to share images of my child due to work/blogging/brand repping: 5%
  • I do share images online on private accounts but do not allow friends and family to: 0%

Amie told us; “I share images but I have boundaries on what I post. Never bath photos etc!“, whilst Bethany told us that she shares ‘across the board‘. In contrast, Olivia told us;

“First one I post on Facebook (only personal page) with photos of my daughter where is Instagram I’ve never shown her face, say I post something on my story her face is blurred out or I zoom in e.g Delilah is wearing this dress from Jojo Maman babe (not showing her face).”

So from the results, it’s clear to see that most parents do have privacy preferences for their children’s online social media presence – no different to Gigi for her daughter. There are just different ways of doing so, and many people choose to keep their social media accounts strictly private so that only close friends and family are able to view photos of their children. Blurring images also seems to be a popular privacy tactic, as you can see from Gigi’s birth announcement below!

Fundamentally the crux of the issue is that people aren’t respecting the clear wishes of parents, and that’s unfair.

Being a new parent is hard enough work without having to worry about keeping your children safe, or people actually respecting their wishes as their parent. Regardless of whether Gigi and Zayn have actively chosen to be in the public spotlight themselves or not, and regardless of opinions on whether Gigi’s request is reasonable or not, we hope that people listen to this mama’s wishes with respect and kindness!

What are YOUR thoughts on sharing images of your children on social media? We’d love to hear – tell us in the comments.

Cover Image credit: @gigihadid Instagram and @zayn Instagram

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