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McDonalds Adds Healthier Option To Happy Meals!

Parents who dislike giving their children fast food but who are constantly bombarded by requests for a Maccies will be pleased to know that McDonalds has introduced a much healthier option to their Happy Meals!

Introducing the grilled chicken wrap – the result of six months of collaboration with Mumsnet, who undertook research and discovered that 8 in 10 parents wanted to see grilled chicken on the kids menu.

Unlike the other Happy Meal options, the wrap isn’t fried, but is baked. Parents can then opt for a fruit bag or carrot sticks instead of the fries! Fizzy drinks can be swapped for milk or water.

I know that McDonald’s is seen as a treat for most, but at least having the option for a healthier Happy Meal is better than none, right? This new option is available today at all McDonald’s restaurants across England and Ireland.

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Love from Katie. Xx

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