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McDonalds Announces Happy Meal Toy Opt-In Trial Plans...

McDonalds has announced their plans trial scrapping their happy meal toys unless a customer specifically requests one!

In an eco-friendly move, from next month, McDonalds will be asking customers if they’d like to swap their happy meal toy for a fruit bag instead, which will reduce plastic waste. From early 2020, they will also be offering the choice of a toy, or a book.

Some customers have pointed out that the fruit bags come in plastic, so there will still be plastic waste – McDonalds has taken notice of this and shared that their packaging is under review as part of their commitment to achieve 100% ‘renewable, recycled, or certified’ sources by 2025.

Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonalds UK, has stated…

“We recognise that some people may not want a plastic Happy Meal toy, but we also know that the gifts provide fun for many families and children.

That’s why we’ll be running these trials, in order to give our customers a choice; they also can choose not to have a toy or gift at all. It’s important we understand what our customers want and we’ll learn a lot from whether they choose a fruit bag or a book over a toy.”

As well as implementing the opt-in scheme for happy meal toys, McDonalds have swapped to paper straws, and are removing single use plastic from McFlurries and salads.

McDonalds isn’t alone in their drive to cut plastic waste – Burger King has recently done the same.

The Burger King ‘Meltdown’ campaign has started on the 19th of September 2019, and plastic toy ‘amnesty’ containers are being placed in all UK outlets for customers to bring in unwanted plastic toys.

Burger King UK marketing director Katie Evans has stated…

“It is impossible to ignore the growing problem excessive plastic waste is causing and we are glad to be taking action. At Burger King we know we can positively contribute to finding new, more sustainable solutions, long term. We’re inviting customers to donate their unwanted plastic toys and working with Pentatonic, we’re excited to give them a fresh start. We recognised that by replacing them with a more sustainable solution there was an opportunity for us to make a radical change with Meltdown – one of the first of many.”

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

We think it’s a fabulous step in the right direction. More is needed, but every change helps and we’re really glad to see such huge businesses taking notice and and stepping up.

Happy meal toys are a nice treat, but let’s face it, they’re played with for all of 5 minutes before ending up in the bottom of the toy box!

These moves by McDonalds and Burger King come in the wake of a petition set up by 2 sisters to get fast food outlets to stop handing out plastic toys; you can sign it here!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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