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Newborn Captured Scowling at Surgeon During C-Section!

We absolutely love birth photography – it captures some absolutely priceless moments!

Photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann has recently captured the moment Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born via d-section in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday 13 February 2020, and the results have gone viral…

We all know that babies come into the world crying and screaming and if they’re not, they’ll get a little help from the doctors to get their lungs working but baby Isabela took this to a whole new level with her furious scowl as she was born in theatre, captured in an image that has the potential to live on for years as a meme!

"Hoje é meu parto e nem tenho roupa para esse evento "

Posted by Rodrigo Kunstmann on Saturday, 15 February 2020

Speaking to Brazilian publication Crescer, Rodrigo has said:

“She opened her eyes wide and didn’t cry, she made a ‘sulky’ face, her mother gave a kiss and it was only after they cut the umbilical cord that she started to cry. When I posted it, I thought it would have the potential to become a meme, but it’s always a matter of luck.”

Watch the moment captured on video below!


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