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Phillip Schofield Bravely Comes Out as Gay!

We are so, so proud of Phillip Schofield today.

Of course, it is sad that people still need to ‘come out’ and fear being rejected in 2020, but it takes a LOT to face your fears and open up to the world on national television about such an intimate part of your life, and we hope that this coming out helps to both encourage and inspire other people out there who feel isolated, and that they simply cannot be themselves.

During the very emotional interview, he admitted that his wife of 27 years has known for a while, and that she and his daughters have been super supportive as he has come to terms with his inner conflict over his sexuality.

Watch his interview here…

We hope that this is another step in the right direction when it comes to awareness and acceptance!

The next generations shouldn’t have to go through such pain and inner conflict about their sexuality, and the more high profile people who come out to the world, and the more that we discuss this, the more support there will be for our own children, and their children too. Hopefully one day, people won’t even need to ‘come out’ as anything!

It is ok to be yourself, and you should be proud. Well done, Phillip, we love you.


Love from Katie & Team BBY.

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