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Sex to Start Labour: Lauren Shares All!

Lauren Goodger has revealed that she and partner Charles Drury have been having lots of SEX to bring on labour!

In a no-holds-barred interview with The Sun, the ex-Towie star uninhibitedly let on that her partner Charles is LOVING her pregnancy curves, and that they’ve been having sex’ all the time‘ to try to encourage the birth of their incoming daughter!

Can anyone relate? It seems to go one way or the other – you’re either chomping at the bit, or absolutely repulsed at the mere thought of shenanigans, at 40 weeks pregnant…

She also candidly shared that she and Charles have been brought ‘closer together’ by the incoming arrival of their first child together, and that she is ‘very comfortable’ with her new body around him which we LOVE!

“It’s definitely brought us stronger together and we feel like a family. I’m tired, I’m being sick, it’s not the most attractive thing at all times but it makes you really close, I’m very very close with him. I’m always naked, my boobs have dropped, I’m very comfortable, there’s not nothing he hasn’t seen. And obviously when we first got together I was all brown and skinny with big boobs and now I’m pregnant but he still loves me and I really feel that and he can’t wait for this baby.”

In a story post to her fans on Instagram, Lauren shared her insight into the mechanics of induction, stating that one of the hormones found in sperm is also routinely used in inductions (proglastins), hence her eagerness to try sex as a way to encourage labour. Her PUPPS diagnosis has also given her an added incentive to give birth as soon as possible…

“Before I was quite calm and now I’m like, right we need to do everything we can to get this labour coming on, I’ve got a ball, we need to have sex! In the sperm there’s a hormone that relaxes your cervix so I need that.”

What is PUPPP?

PUPPP (now often called PEP) is a condition known as ‘Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy’, previously called ‘Pruritic and Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy’. It’s relatively common in pregnancy and usually ‘benign – meaning not harmful to mummy or baby – but it’s said to be incredibly itchy and annoying, so we really feel for poor Lauren! The rash tends to start on the tummy and appear within stretchmarks.

No one knows the cause, it happens more in multiple pregnancies, and there are many unproven theories on why some women are more prone to it! If you have symptoms, you must get checked to ensure it isn’t another, more serious condition that can occur in pregnancy known as Obstetric Cholestasis.

Read more about PUPPS on the NHS website here.

Common Labour Old Wives Tales

There are loads of common old wives tales when it comes to bringing on labour! The last days of pregnancy can seem to stretch on forever – we’ve been there and done that – but we must strongly emphasise the importance of talking to your midwife (and consultant if you’re under one) before trying to encourage labour. Occasionally you may hear about methods that you should avoid – read more about this here. Common methods the mummies in our community encourage are;

  • Spicy food
  • Sex (as Lauren is currently trying)
  • Walking as much as possible
  • Eating lots of fresh pineapple

Read more about common old wives tales here.

How did you encourage your baby to arrive? Share your tales with us in the comments!

Cover image credit: @laurengoodger Instagram

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