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Sneak a Peak at Tom Hardy’s NEWEST Bedtime Story!

by Kloe Forster

Mummies – it’s time to sneak a peak at Tom Hardy’s newest CBeebies bed time story!

Most importantly though, don’t forget to set your TV to record tonight – or tune in to see the story being read on CBeebies at 6:50pm.

In the clip posted by CBeebies Tom says softly:

“It’s not always possible to be able to hug those that we love, but we must always remember that they are always with us in our heart…”

This really couldn’t be more apt right now could it?

Tonight’s heart warming story is called ‘Hug Me’ and it’s by Simona Ciraolo. The tale follows an adorable young cactus who sets off to find a friend who will hug him.

After watching this, we can’t be the only people who are absolutely dying to give Tom a hug right now?!

Tonight’s story also marks the start of Tom Week on CBeebies Bedtime Stories – where Tom will be reading a different bed time story every night before bed… it’s safe to say we’re going to be glued to our screens every night this week!

tom hardy bed time stories
image credit: CBeebies
Mr Hardy is certainly doing his bit for the nation in keeping us all entertained during lockdown. If this isn’t worth staying home for all week, then, frankly, I don’t know what is…
Thank you Tom! 😍
You can read more about Tom Week on CBeebies here.


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