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Stacey Solomon Reveals Baby Name

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have FINALLY revealed the name of their new baby daughter...

The new bundle of joy is their fourth child overall and FIRST daughter, and she was born on Stacey's birthday, Monday the 4th of October. What a wonderful birthday gift that must be!

We saw so many wonderful baby name predictions in our online parenting community, and so many of you got the name choice bang-on! The top contenders we spotted were...

  • Autumn
  • Rose
  • Amelie
  • Pearl

So close, guys! It was one of them... Stacey's gorgeous photographs below drop some pretty big hints.

After days of sharing with fans that they were struggling to choose the perfect moniker for their first daughter, Stacey and Joe took to Instagram on the 12th of October for the big name reveal that their legion of followers have been on tenterhooks for.

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A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)


What a gorgeous name choice. Rose Opal Esmé Solomon-Swash - it's so pretty, isn't it!

Baby Rose was born at home, referred to as 'Pickle Cottage' by Stacey and her family, on Stacey's birthday in a very speedy labour as Stacey gave no signs that she was in labour when she posted about her birthday earlier that day, although she later admitted to waking up with 'twinges' that turned out to be labour!

The Facebook and Instagram outage caused carnage with social media users, many of whom were convinced that Stacey would have her baby during the online radio-silence! Of course, they were absolutely correct...

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A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)


We're so happy for Stacey and Joe, and love their name choice! There's nothing quite as special as a rainbow baby, we're sure so many of you would agree with that having been there yourself. Stacey is relatable on so many levels, and we really hope that her baby news gives hope to anyone out there who has gone through baby loss with no sign of their rainbow baby yet.

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