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Stacey Solomon Trolled Over Hairy Bump

As if we didn’t loathe trolls enough – targeting pregnant Stacey Solomon is a new low!

Stacey is currently expecting her rainbow baby girl with fiancé Joe Swash, after an emotionally fraught time trying to add to their family unit and experiencing heart-breaking losses. She has shared pregnancy updates with her loyal fans via social media, and we have to say, she is looking bloomin’ marvellous!

Isn’t this snap of Stacey and Joe at their baby shower just perfection?

Poor Stacey has come under fire from trolls over her bump – specifically, over how hairy it is!

So many of us mummies and mummies-to-be will relate STRONGLY to this, we’re sure. It’s pretty common for an expectant woman to develop a ‘furry’ bump due to all of the surging hormones that come along with pregnancy, and it is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. Some old wives tales suggest that it could be a sign of your baby being a specific gender, but this isn’t scientific – this article is a great informative read.

Stacey is currently experiencing the famous ‘furry bump’ during her current pregnancy and was targeted by cruel trolls over social media, who sent Stacey a direct message accompanied by vomiting emojis and jibing;

“Has the dog got a moulting problem and moulted all over your belly or is that just how hairy you are?”

Stacey responded with her typical class and warmth, true to form, sending her troll;

“Did the school run, made them some food and sat down to read your messages and I can’t stop laughing at this one. I think the hairs make it even cuter to be honest.”

We love her response, many of us certainly wouldn’t have had such patience and stayed calm! Stacey then shared a tribute to her furry, ‘glittery’ bump on her Instagram and we can’t cope with how adorable and poignant the caption is… We hope that self-conscious mummies-to-be take note of what she is sharing.

In her Instagram story, she then posted a video sharing messages from her legion of fans, many thanking her for sharing her hairy bump and offering her support and motivation. She captioned the video with another positive message about how our bodies change in pregnancy, and how much she cherishes it.

“Truth is… I absolutely love my furry belly. It’s always a bit hairy but really blooms in my pregnancies and it reminds me how grateful I am to be growing another human and how much I’m going to miss my little fuzz ball when this pregnancy is over.”

Well done for speaking out Stacey, and normalising this perfectly common pregnancy symptom!

Tell us in the comments; did you have a hairy belly in pregnancy, or are you pregnant now and experiencing this? Did anyone ever make you feel negative about it?

Cover image credit: @staceysolomon on Instagram

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