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The Radfords Announce Baby Number 22!

The Radford Family have announced the impending arrival of baby number 22!

The Radford family, famous for being Britain’s biggest brood, are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet once more!

The hard working couple are now approaching the 15 week mark, and delighted to be welcoming another baby to the fold. Bring on April! Sue and Noel work incredibly hard and are admirably resourceful, especially for parents of so many children, and dedicate their lives to raising their lovely, well turned out tribe of mini Radfords. We think that baby number 22 is very lucky to be joining their clan!

Watch their announcement here;

Cover image credit to the Radford Family’s Facebook fan page – follow them here.

Congratulations to Sue, Noel and the 21 Radford children!

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

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