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Toys 'R' Us Returning To UK!

Toys 'R' Us left the UK in 2018 after going into administration, much to the dismay of parents and children.

We have some exciting news for you all - Toys 'R' Us will reportedly return to the UK in 'the next few months'!

The retailer shut down in 2018 across the UK but is being revived for "digital and physical retail commerce" and on their relaunched UK website, we can see a "we're back in 2022" message. How exciting! The chief executive for Toys 'R' Us Australia, Louis Mittoni, is leading the UK revival. He has stated;

“I’m very excited to welcome over 100 years of retailing experience in our new team, who will lead the relaunch our iconic brand back into the UK market in the next few months. We have an amazing toy and baby buying team, which I believe is the best in the country.

With this team now in place, we’re hitting the ground running and have been reaching out to the supply base to see with whom we can align on this amazing journey.”

When and where will Toys 'R' Us stores reopen?

Further details have not been revealed yet, but they have created an email subscription for people interested in updates. You can sign up to this here.

Why did Toys 'R' Us leave the UK in 2018?

For anyone not 'in the know', Toys 'R' Us amassed debts of more than £3.5bn, leading to the US parent company going bankrupt back in 2017. This lead to UK stores having no choice but to close down in 2018. The Australian branch of Toys 'R' Us have signed a deal with WHP Global to rebuild their brand in the UK once more, a smart move given their popularity and 'nostalgia' factor. How many of you remember trips to their HUGE stores to pick out birthday and Christmas gifts for mummy and daddy to feed back to Santa...? Not forgetting trips to splurge when we got birthday and Christmas cash too!

Our verdict...

We're so excited to see Toys 'R' Us are coming back to the UK! It was devastating to see them go bust back in 2018, we're pleased that we'll be able to take our own children on trips there like we did during our own childhoods - our bank balances perhaps won't share this same sentiment...

Cover image credit: Toys R Us

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