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AITA: Kicked Mother In Law Out Of Room

A lot of parents spend so much time picking the perfect name for their new little bundle of joy. Some give a name that holds a special meaning behind it. One Mother in Law was not happy with that choice.

A new Mum has took to Reddits AITA (Am I The Asshole) board after her Mother in Law demanded they changed their babys name while at the hospital during labour. The poster gave her reasons behind the name they had picked out for their new baby, with a very sentimental reason behind it.

Read the post below...

"I(29F) gave birth to my son last week. My husband(32M) and I agreed to name son after my father. My father passed away when I was 14 and we were very close. His middle name is named after husband's grandfather. My MIL is very opinionated about everything. She has been giving us her opinion on everything for our son.

The day I was due, I only wanted husband there. He drove me to the hospital and MIL walks into the room and starts babbling on about the baby's name, feeding schedules, etc. I kept it together as best as I could. After son was born, MIL was trying to talk husband into convincing me to change his name. She asked the nurses if she could legally change his name. She even went as far as to accuse me of controlling husband into his name.

I yelled at her to get out of the room and we will not be changing the name. She left and has been telling family members a different story. My husband has been sticking up for me and told her that nothing will be changed. If she continues, we will be cutting her off from seeing her grandson. Now, most of her side of the family are calling me names and demanding I apologize to MIL. She has texted me a few times calling me an AH. AITA for kicking her out?"


What was the general consensus?

The new Mum was voted NTA (Not The Asshole). A lot of people jumped to her defense saying the Mother in Law has absolutely no right and no part in the decision. One commenter said:

"Hell no, you're NTA.

Barging into the delivery room where you are unwanted is already a huge AH move.

Barging in and demanding to change the baby's name, and even asking the nurses how she can do this legally?? Wow. I just... wow.

She can accept the name and let you parent YOUR baby, or she can stay away. Same goes for anyone taking her side."

Our Verdit...

Of course people can have an opinion on your babys name, but that doesn't mean they have any right to make you change it or even try to find legal ways in which to change in like this Mother in Law did. Deciding on a name is such a huge thing, it is one of the first things you give your baby that will last them their whole life. No-one has any right to make that decision other than the parents. We really feel for this new Mum, all the emotions of labour and giving birth and having to deal with this after is just not on. Especially when the baby was named after her late Father, who is anyone to question why she would do that?!

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