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AITA: Made Pregnant Sister Cry Over Baby Name

Baby names can be a surprisingly contentious topic...

A woman took to Reddit to ask if she's the 'asshole' in a rather sensitive situation. Her sister is 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby, with both expectant parents being VERY into Viking-inspired baby names due to a TV show they love.

See where we're going with this?

The auntie-to-be asked the 'AITA' (am I the asshole) board for some feedback over a disagreement she'd had with her pregnant sister over their list of prospective baby names, resulting in a family fallout and tears from the expectant mama. Yikes!



Read the original post here - credit to Reddit.

What was the verdict?

The majority of Reddit readers voted the auntie 'not the asshole', with people pointing out that it's fine to be inspired by favourite fandoms for a name for your baby, but within reason. Some people felt that the poster could perhaps have been kinder to her sister but ultimately, her concerns about bullying are valid. One of the most popular comments was...

"Look. I’m going to say NTA. We almost named our first kid Divine, and I cringe just thinking about it, and if it wasn’t for my SIL, ex-now and I have always fucking hated her with a passion, saying, “That sounds like a stripper’s name.” We would have followed through with the name. Everyone was being very nice and telling us it was a nice name, but in reality they were all cringing and didn’t want to be honest with us. I’m thankful that awful woman spoke her mind, because I probably would have allowed our kid to legally change it if she ended up wanting to."

Our verdict...

This is a really sensitive topic! Name your baby what you want, but perhaps be prepared for negative opinions when you're asking loved ones for feedback on a name that's a little... unorthodox. We do think that the poster could have been a little kinder with her feedback and should have taken her sister being pregnant into account, but it comes from a place of caring and as the update provided by the poster said, in the end, her sister forgave her and understood that it wasn't meant to be take harshly.

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