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Baby Brain - Myth Or Fact? 

Have you witnessed a pregnant woman putting the car keys in the fridge, forgetting something, saying something bit silly or just suffering with a little brain fogginess? When questioned on it the words ‘baby brain’ usually come out. 

Baby brain is it a myth or a scientific fact?

This is a question most partners, families, colleagues truly wonder is this just another old wives tale or is this an actual scientific fact. 

Scientific studies

Baby brain also known as Momnesia ( Mom + Amnesia)
Many studies have investigated the pregnant women’s brain against a non pregnant woman. To try to find out if baby brain really is a thing.

‘Results showed that when pregnant women are compared to non-pregnant women, they perform much worse on tasks measuring memory and executive functioning (which includes attention, inhibition, decision-making and planning), and this difference is most pronounced during the third trimester.’  – Source 

‘Evidence from research showing deficits in memory  but,  the evidence from our study shows that the capacity of the brain is unaltered in pregnancy.’ – Source

Note this is a example of some studies there has been multiple studies. Some may conflict with the above.

Can the phrase baby brain really get you off the hook?

It seems to be proven that women may not be as sharp during pregnancy. It is said that the brain could be slightly affected up until 2 years after the baby.

I suppose throughout pregnancy and adjusting to a new life, there are so many different emotions that a woman may face. Can you really blame them for being slightly distracted and forgetful?

Personally I have felt the full effects of baby brain. I’ve often found myself forgetting things, walking into a room and completely forgetting what I was doing. For me this is all apart of the amazing experience of being pregnant.

Have you ever had any experience of baby brain? Or known someone who had baby brain.

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