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AITA: Asked Aunt To Remove Baby Photo From Instagram

Some parents are very selective over who can post images of their babies online, if at all, and that is ok!

After all, the parent knows best, right?

It must be incredibly frustrating to have your decision undermined or for photos to be posted online without having being asked first, especially if you're unsure who is on someone's friends list, or their post settings are not private. There are some unsavoury characters lurking online, and it's very understandable for a parent to be cautious over who is able to access images of their little one.

One mum took to Reddit to ask, is she the asshole (AITA) for asking her aunt to remove images of her baby from her Instagram?

Before the baby was born, both parents agreed that they didn't want any photographs of their baby to be posted anywere online - that is their prerogative, right? One aunt seemed reluctant to follow this request, and even joked about doing it anyway, much to the discomfort of the new parents. After begging to meet her new great-niece, it turns out that the poster's aunt wasn't joking. She'd posted images of the new baby to her Instagram account! Read the post below.



Find the full post here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

The majority of voters decided that the poster is 'NTA' (not the asshole) in this situation. In fact, the comments were outraged that the aunt felt that she had the right to undermine the new mother, and pointed out that she is 'gaslighting' her by trying to make guilty for taking action as a consequence.  We also think that the other family members shouldn't be enabling this, but were glad to see in the post update that her grandmother now understands the situation. The top rated comment summarised the whole sorry saga perfectly...

"You: No one is allowed to post pictures of our baby online. No one. 0 pictures.

Family: Okay


You: You may not see the baby if you do not agree to our one rule.

Aunt: Okay

Aunt: [immediately breaks one rule and taunts everyone]

You: Okay, no more baby for you.

Aunt: BuT I dId noTHinG wRoNg

She found out, huh. Maybe if your aunt had any kind of respect for boundaries and rules that apply to the everyone she is a part of, this easily resolved issue would be in the past, and she could enjoy baby time. If only she were at all familiar with the consequences of her actions. Howboudah. NTA."

Our verdict...

Easy - no one has the right to undermine your parenting choices. No one has the automatic right to see your baby, even if related. If someone goes out of their way to ignore ad go against a decision you've made for your baby, they have even less of a right. Actions have consequences!

We can appreciate that the new great-aunt may have been excited and elated at the arrival of the new baby, perhaps clouding her judgement and leading to her assuming that it wouldn't be a 'big deal', but she majorly overstepped. Luckily for her, it seems that she can rectify the situation by deleting the images and apologising profusely.

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