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AITA: Visible Baby Bump at Wedding

Upcoming weddings can be a hotbed for disputes, from the petty to the extreme.

One topic that seems particularly contentious when it comes to weddings is pregnancy. Why, you may be asking yourself? Some brides want to be the showstopper on their big day, and that's ok, but what about when it's at the expense of their family and friends? On some occasions, the bride takes it too far and becomes a 'bridezilla'!

One mum took to Reddit's AITA (am I the asshole) board to ask whether she was in the wrong for having a visible baby bump at her stepsister's wedding after she'd promised to not be pregnant?

The full story is a tad complex; it involves wedding dates changing, meaning that whilst the poster wouldn't have been visibly pregnant on the original wedding date, she was heavily pregnant on the new date, much to the fury of her stepsister, who hadn't actually checked the weather forecast for her original OUTDOOR wedding date. Oops! Read the full story below...


Read the full post here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

It was absolutely no surprise to see that the majority of comments voted this lady to be 'NTA' - not the asshole. Their reasoning, on the whole, was pretty straightforward - aside from the fact that it's controlling to expect bridesmaids to time their family planning around YOUR wedding day, the fact of the matter is that the bride didn't even take a moment to check the weather forecast for the date that she'd originally booked her outdoor wedding on! In that case, how could she have had the audacity to be vexed when her stepsister's family planning clashed with the new date, especially when she had actually compromised in order to keep the bride happy?! The top comment was...

"I truly don’t even understand why the baby bump would be a problem in the first place. If you were my stepsister I would just be over the moon that you got pregnant. She sounds like a bridezilla. NTA."

Our verdict...

We fully agree with the comments section on this. We're pretty upset for the new mum too and agree with the comment that we'd be over the moon if one of our bridesmaids announced a pregnancy. If you'd rather not have pregnant bridesmaids, that is fundamentally your prerogative but it could be sensitively approached so that no one falls out, perhaps by giving the expectant mum a new but equally important role that she could fulfil without being overwhelmed (pregnancy is exhausting, after all!). The attitude of this particular bride comes across as selfish, when she should have been over the moon that she was going to be an auntie.

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