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Meaningful Name Ideas For Angel Babies

If you’re a parent to an ‘angel baby’, we send all of our love to you. It’s totally understandable that you may want to give your angel a name, regardless of gestation.

Many bereaved mummies and daddies find that giving their little one a name brings them comfort, although it is perfectly understandable if it’s not something you feel would help you. If you decide to give you angel a name, there are quite a few lovely names with a symbolic meanings, no matter what gestation they were lost at. Here’s a selection of gendered and unisex names that we feel have beautiful meaning behind them…

Even if you’re not religious, spiritual baby names can still be a heartfelt and symbolic gesture to your little one.

Beautiful Names For Angel Babies

  • Angel – Clear in meaning, Angel is a common name used by bereaved parents and we adore it.
  • Eden – Delight
  • Aspen – A type of tree, signifying strength 
  • Cloud – This name holds lots of heaven related symbolism
  • Ember – Spark, a tiny low burning fire
  • Phoenix – Dark red in Greek, also symbolic of the creature in mythology who is born from the ashes
  • Lark – A type of bird, nature themes and also some heavenly symbolism
  • Olive – Olive tree – nature themes
  • Storm – Nature themes, beautiful symbolism for making their mark in such a short space of time
  • Star – Very symbolic in terms of heaven and a common choice for angel babies
  • Celeste/Celestine – Heavenly
  • Bellatrix – Female warrior
  • Matilda/Mathilde – Mighty in battle
  • Jemima – Little dove
  • Salome – Peace
  • Dorothea – Gift of God
  • Mirabelle – Miraculous
  • Nathaniel – Gift of God
  • Matthew, Matthias – Gift of God
  • Jesse – Gift
  • Samson – Sun (plus connotations of strength)
  • Solomon – Peace
  • Noah – Rest
  • Beatrice – Blessed or voyager
  • Gabriel – God is my strength
  • Benedict – Blessed
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