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AITA: Asked Pregnant Wife To Eat Less Sugar

Pregnancy brings with it a myriad of food cravings!

It can also play havoc with an expectant mother's blood sugar levels, so with this in mind, a lot of pregnant women find that they eat a bit more sugar than they did before their pregnancy. Most pregnant women successfully keep an eye on this and ensure that they continue to eat a balanced diet, under the guidance of their midwife, and there is no scientific evidence that suggests that what you eat during your pregnancy will influence what your baby will prefer to eat in future.

One expectant father took to the Reddit AITA (am I the asshole) forum, is he the asshole for asking his pregnant wife to eat less sugar?

His main reasoning, much to the bewilderment of the comments section, was that he didn't want his child to only want to eat sweet things when they're born. It goes without saying that his wife found his request 'ludicrous' and responded that 'most men wouldn't dream of asking someone this'. Read the post below...


Read the full post here - credit to Reddit.

What was the general consensus?

The poster was voted by the majority of readers to be the asshole in this situation. Many readers did concede that if the question was posed from a health perspective, it would be understandable that the daddy-to-be would have health concerns for his wife and unborn child. However, he didn't provide enough information for readers to gauge this - is she eating bags of sugar with a spoon, or is she eating a couple of sweets to get her through the nausea and exhaustion that can come with pregnancy? Context is important!

Others also pointed out that if there were any dietary concerns, their doctor would be pointing these things out and that he 'stepped over the line'. The top comment pointed out...

"Dude, no. YTA. What your wife eats is her business, and if her doctor has concerns, that's between her and her doctor! Do not! Do not start stepping over the line and trying to control your wife's diet. Please apologize and never mention this again."

Our verdict...

We think that this is a seriously awkward situation! Without doubt, it's perfectly natural to be attentive to the health of your pregnant partner and growing unborn baby, but the way these things are approached matters! From the way the post was written, we get the impression that the daddy-to-be perhaps broached the topic clumsily and upset his wife. Not to mention the unfounded old wives tale about baby being born a sugar fiend! Fundamentally, if his wife's doctor has any worries at all, they'd know.

Whilst he is definitely the asshole here, we don't think he was being malicious or spiteful - he's probably learned a valuable lesson!

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