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July Babies - Names & Fun Facts

Are you due an July baby? Congratulations!

Just for fun, it's really interesting to look at fun facts about other Juily babies - birth stones, July flowers, celebrities born in July and Zodiac signs to name a few. Here are some interesting July baby facts for you all...

Birth stone: Ruby

Birth flower: Larkspur and water lily

Zodiac sign: Cancer and Leo

Zodiac traits: Nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, lively, loyal & honest

Celebrities born in July: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks


Other Interesting July Baby Facts...

  • July babies have the greatesr ability to self-regulate their emotional inner lives
  • Babies born in July are more likely to grow up being artists
  • July babies are also more likely to be left handed 

July-Inspired Baby Name Inspiration

For those of you who are strugging to pick the perfect moniker for your incoming bundle of joy, why not go for an July-inspired baby name? We've searched high and low for the most adorable, beautiful, classical and modern names for you to pick from.

For the season they're born in

After their birth stone

Inspired by the month of July

After one of the birth flowers

The Celtic goodess of summer

Inspired by the month of July

After the sunshine we get in July

After the their zodiac sign

Means born of fire - perfect for babies arriving in the heat of summer

Means small and fiery

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