BLW Tip: How To Cut an Orange For Babies

BLW (Baby-Led Weaning) is a fantastic way to introduce solids to your little one, but offering fruit often causes feelings of intense anxiety in new parents.

Fruit, when not cut properly, is one of the prime choking hazards, orange segments included – they’re fairly similar in shape and size to grapes, as well as firmness and texture, but they’re not the fruit that springs to mind when you think of a baby choking, right? Feeding_Three has shared this genius tip for offering oranges to a baby. It’s safer, and removes the choking hazard that segments pose whilst being easier for a baby to pincer grip and eat than slicing a segment in two.

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H O W • T O • C U T • A N • O R A N G E • F O R • B A B I E S I used to always worry giving George orange segments. The skin is so tough and he used to always gag. Until I discovered this nifty little hack and since then I always cut his oranges up like this. I have done now since he was 7 months. . I can’t wait to introduce oranges into Louis diet now and see if he loves them as much as George! . 🍊 Do you have mummy or daddy friends who would love this little orange hack? 🍊 Tag them in the comments. Let’s spread the word and help families reduce the risk of choking. . ⚠️ It’s really important to let grandparents and other friends or family members who look after your children know the risks of choking. ⚠️ Not everybody knows how to cut and serve fruits and foods to babies and small children. So this is a great opportunity to show them! ⚠️ . Let me know if this has helped you and your little one! 👶🏻 ❤️ . #blw #blwideas #blwinspiration #fingerfood #foodhacks #mumlife #foodblogger #whatmykidseat #whatsonmyplate #blwmenu #foodie #chokinghazard #orange #5aday #healthykids #healthybaby #nutrition #instafood #weaning #foodinspiration #eat #eatright #educate

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