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August Babies - Names & Fun Facts

Are you due an August baby? Congratulations!

Just for fun, it's really interesting to look at fun facts about othe rAugust babies - birth stones, August flowers, celebrities born in August and Zodiac signs to name a few. Here are some interesting August baby facts for you all...

Birth stone: Peridot, srdonyz, spinel

Birth flower: Gladiolus and Poppy

Zodiac sign: Leo and Virgo

Zodiac traits: Natural leaders, compassionate, humble, kind

Celebrities born in August: Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Dua Lipa, Jason Momoa


Other Interesting August Baby Facts...

  • August babies are born with leadership traits such as loyalty and boldness
  • August babies tend to feel more lucky
  • May have a higher birth weight and tend to be taller as adults

August-Inspired Baby Name Inspiration

For those of you who are strugging to pick the perfect moniker for your incoming bundle of joy, why not go for an July-inspired baby name? We've searched high and low for the most adorable, beautiful, classical and modern names for you to pick from.

After St. Augustine

After the birth stone

Comes from hazelnut that begin to harvest at the end of summer

Means wisdom

After playing by the peaceful river in the summer

Means happy or bless in Hebrew

Meaning peaceful just like summer time

After one of the zodiac signs in August

Means bringer of light in Italian, which is quite perfect for a summer baby

A nice reference to the summer sunshine

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