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Moby Wrap – Product Review

by Bump, Baby & You

Written by Anna Jayne for her blog, MyMagical-Motherhood!

This post is a quick review on one of my most favourite mums ‘must have’ gadgets – The Moby wrap. This contraption is a stretchy piece of fabric made from 100% cotton. If worn correctly it can carry a baby up to the weight of 33lbs.

It’s machine washable, always a bonus when a baby is in the equation. You can wear the wrap in many different styles to suit either age, weight or personal needs for the baby. Great for breastfeeding babies too who prefer that close contact.

How I found the Moby wrap useful.

I’m a mumma of two gorgeous girlies. I gave birth to our second little princess 4 months ago, this meaning our eldest was only 21 months old at the time. An age where she still needed my devoted attention from nappy changing to playing.

At the time i hadn’t really thought in depth about when I could wear it, probably because I was still a little shell shocked, so I found listing what I found difficult or impossible at the time, extremely beneficial for the creating of wrap wearing opportunities. Therefore I thought I’d list below when I have found it most helpful, just incase some of you new mums are stuck (I know I was).

  • Cooking dinner/making lunch
  • Laundry duties
  • Cleaning duties (minus anything that uses powerful cleaning products).
  • Playing with toddler
  • Bath time, especially before the little one had any set routine.
  • Shopping duties
  • Errand running
  • Attending social events

I know these may all seem so obvious to everyone else, but they don’t to a sleep deprived mother. Sometimes we just need these things given to us in black and white. To help stop our emotional minds from completely taking over and convincing us that we can’t do anything, because we can!

I would thoroughly recommend this wonderful wrap. The product arrives with fully written instructions of how to wear it and a storage bag. If you’re familiar with YouTube I would watch an experienced Moby Wrap guide on how to wear this and how it should feel.

Thankyou for reading. I’ve uploaded a few photos of how I like to wear the wrap with our tiny dot Evie.

Anna xoxo

Written by Anna Jayne for her blog, MyMagical-Motherhood!


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