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Product Review: Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space Playset

by Katie Hodgkins

Review: Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Space Playset…

(Corr, what a mouthful! Try saying it fast over and over again!)

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It’s 2017 and mamas are more clued up in child development than ever before, thanks to science and social media.

Toys aren’t merely toys anymore; they’re tools! When we go toy shopping, ‘fun’ is no longer the only feature we look for. We (well, most of us) are attracted by educational and development-encouraging features.

That’s why the Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space Playset (bloody long name!) has attracted legions of fans – it balances the best of both worlds! The toy features 3 modes designed to be in tune with your baby, and allows your baby to move up a mode with their developmental leaps. The toy also has awesome ‘smart touch’ technology meaning no more crumbs and  yuck trapped down the sides of buttons!

Mode One

The first mode is ‘mode 1’, which is used when your baby is small and sitting. Mode 1 involves piano play, which provides auditory stimulation but is also very entertaining alongside visual stimulation with the colourful lights! Your baby will begin to learn an association between the touchpad and certain sounds. There is also a ball ramp, a roller-ball and a spinner towards floor level to encourage fine motor skill development.


Beautiful Evie playing with the ball ramp in mode 1!

Our private group member, and mama of Evie, Abbie Curtis, had this to say:

“My little girl got this for her first Christmas when she was just shy of 6 months old. It really helped her with her sitting as she loved playing with the cogs and putting the balls down the slope at the side. This helped her with her coordination too. It then encouraged her to stand and she used it to pull herself up. It has three different modes depending on age. My daughter loves the colourful lights and the music. May encourage dancing too! ? However now my daughter is 11 months and walking she seems less interested in it. But it is meant to help teach the alphabet and counting so hoping in time she we can use it to help with that. Would say out of all the toys shes had though this is one of the most played with. 🙂
The photo is her at 6 months when she first played with it”

Handsome Jaxon enjoying the playset!

Our private group member, and mama of Jaxon, Shanine Ward, says that the playset encouraged Jaxon to “pull himself up for the first time using it!”

Mode Two

Gorgeous AJ enjoying a dance party in mode 2!

Mode 2 encourages baby to stand, with additional musical features such as ‘dance party’, which is bound to get your baby wriggling to the beat!

Our private group member and mama of AJ, Shaz Rafferty, says;

“Great to help babies with their core skills, first by gaining strength by sitting in mode one and then by pulling up to stand in mode 2, and eventually dancing solo. There are three modes which means the songs are less repetitive.”

I must admit, repetitive songs are my number one pet hate when it comes to toys and I’m sure that most parents can also attest to this! Definitely a bonus feature! 😉

Mode Three

Mode 3 is where the toy becomes more educational and is geared towards teaching the alphabet and counting to a toddler, whilst also continuing to encourage strength and balance development in your little speedy Gonzalez!

I wasn’t able to get any photos of the playset being used in Mode 3.


Benefits Of The Key Features

The Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Space Play Set features some great kinaesthetic features such as the ball ramp, which will help your baby develop their fine motor skills and coordination.

Auditory stimulation is provided by the music settings on each mode, which is important for cognitive development as babies learn to recognise tunes, and this will also help them learn to enjoy music!  Some of the songs teach the alphabet and counting, which adds a fab educational factor!

The Playset provides some fun visual stimulation with flashing lights; great in the lower mode, as this will entertain young babies and help them to associate the Playset with fun time!

Strength and balance building is definitely one of the greatest benefits of the Playset, as it uses the three modes to encourage your child to spent time playing on their feet rather on floor level.

I especially like how the Playset ‘grows’ with your baby and their needs in terms of the three modes; this makes it far more dynamic and versatile than any other standing toy on the market.

Aesthetically, it is pleasing, yet simple and not too flashy despite how many features it has!


In terms of negative features (to provide balance and an objective review), what I will say is that I personally find this pricey compared to other standing/cruising toys at £49.99 at Argos but it could be argued that this is 2 toys in one – floor toy and standing toy – therefore more cost effective. It will also be used from when your baby can sit up until your baby is off toddling and no longer interested, so the duration of time that it will be used adds extra cost effectiveness.

The long-ass name is another negative but this isn’t a reflection on the quality of the playset! Definitely a tongue twister!

In all…

This Fisher Price Playset covers all grounds with a plethora of fantastic features all included in one reasonably sized and versatile toy. It balances ‘fun’ with ‘development aid’, and can be used for a really long duration of time which makes it cost effective.

Definitely a winner!

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Love from Katie! xx


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