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Review: Mamas & Papas Swirl 2

by Katie Hodgkins

Review: Mamas & Papas Swirl 2

Finding a pram that does the job whilst still being stylish yet practical is a pain in the bum!

My parents (Max’s nana and grandad) wanted a buggy for their house that was ‘basic‘ without the all singing, all dancing stuff like speakers and an iPad holder (like some Cossatto buggies), folded as compact as possible, but looked swanky nonetheless.

Behold; the Mamas & Papas Swirl 2!

My son Max enjoying the Swirl 2!


This buggy doesn’t come with any high tech features; it does the job, without bells and whistles.

The package does come with a 3-in-1 footmuff/liner/sleepshade though, which we have found insanely useful. The package also includes a raincover and detachable hood.

  • The Mamas & Papas Swirl 2 has rear wheel suspension which is good for mums who like to walk across unpredictable terrain.
  • The leg rest is adjustable to suit your baby’s needs, which we have found fab for my lanky lad!
  • Our private group member Kate Judd says that her daughter loves how she can lay down flat for a nap in the buggy but can also easily sit up at any angle to watch the world around her when they go out to the shops.


It has an umbrella hold which makes for more practical storage and simple execution. I’ve found putting the seat back up and down a pain in the bum though as it requires complicated fiddling.

I’m almost 6 foot so I often find buggies are too low for me to push without hunching over but this buggy has adjustable handles!!

The size and weight also make this pushchair really super practical; I’ve explained why below.

Size & weight

This buggy is really light and streamlined. It’s not big and clunky; it’s handy for shopping as it’s easy to manoeuvre, yet it is still spacious for a child. It is heavy and sturdy enough to be pushed with ease across soft terrain such as uncut grass.

Max hates being confined and is big for his age but doesn’t find this pushchair too small!


It comes in blue and yellow with a chevron print, purple and pink with a polka dot print, and teal with a grey and yellow striped print. It also comes in both rust and duck egg without a print and also not part of a package so without the 3-in-1 footmuff but it does come with a raincover thankfully. I find the design modern and sleek without being too plain! The carry basket underneath is reasonably sized too, we have had no issues storing the changing bag underneath.

Blue – my favourite and the one my son has! Currently £59.99 in the Argos sale; saving £5!

Teal; currently £49.99 in the Argos sale,.a saving of 10%!





It’s always good to give a balanced review; there are a few cons to this buggy.

It’s so light that some people may find it too flimsy for their liking. Personally I think it’s the perfect balance but can understand that some mums prefer sturdy, heavy buggies.

The duck egg colour and rust colour aren’t part of a package which is a shame for those who would have liked them with the foot muff. These colours also don’t have a pattern which is disappointing as they’re nice colours and could be even better with a funky print.

Kate Judd, from our private members group, isn’t keen on the 2 handed folding technique; she dislikes how the back of the seat needs pushing on in order to fold the buggy, and has found it very stiff to fold at first which wasn’t good when she was in a hurry but over time this wore off.

 I personally find it really hard to change the angle of the seat back. It’s too fiddly for someone as kack-handed as myself, and could be improved with a simple pull/push mechanism. My mum doesn’t have a problem with it but she’s more dexterous than me!

Amy Rose, from our private members group, also finds it too difficult to adjust the back of the seat. In addition, she finds the back of the seat way too flimsy.


This buggy is practical, good value for money and looks lovely, with a good range of colours to choose from. While it isn’t all singing, all dancing like some of the higher end models, it has the best of both worlds with overwhelmingly positive reviews! There are a few minor things that could be improved but these aren’t major and for me personally, the reasonable price negates these.

Max enjoying a snooze in his Swirl 2!

Thanks for reading, and happy buggy hunting!

Love from Katie. Xx


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