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Review: Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine & Steriliser

by Bump, Baby & You

Written by Anna Manvell for her blog, Mymagical-Motherhood.

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I started writing this review at 2:40am after giving a our 7month her bottle. Stress free and easy! My product review on TommeeTippee’s steriliser and perfect prep machine is a good read for any first time parents, or anyone who is having to bottle feed their baby.

A little about myself.

I have exclusively breastfed both my babies to around 5/6months in age. It has been my choice to make the transition at these ages, to move forward onto the clever world of formula. A few reasons being that; I wanted Daddy to be able to bond and help feed the babies, for me to be able to have a little break now and then (we all deserve a girly eve) also with our first daughter I had to go back to work around her turning 5 months old. These wonderful machines above have made both transitions so easy.

TommeeTippee steriliser.

Its such a great size! It’s easy to clean, there’s so much space for bottles, which is especially important if your bottle feeding a NB. The top and bottom rack is designed to hold the bottles up right, and the rings and teats still whilst the steaming process is happening. This works without a doubt. I can see that every bottle and part has been sterilised perfectly.

On each TommeeTippee bottle there is a dotted line. This indicates how much water you should exactly pop into the bottom of the steriliser for it to work efficiently. Easy peasy! There is only one button to press, which will turn on the steriliser. Again very convenient and not complicated for a sleep deprived grumpy parent!

The steaming process is quick but you must leave it for ten minutes for the full antibacterial process to work.

TommeeTippee perfect prep machine. 

We never had the opportunity to use this with Isla, but having 2 under 2 I needed something else to make my days a little smother. Many friends had recommended this machine so we took the plunge and bought one!

After many reviews in the tabloids about children being poorly I was a little apprehensive. However, since reading further into the the cases and since having TommeeTippee release a statement with reasons why there could have been a “black mould” build up, I am more than content with using their machine.

Have a read on the link below. 


So, how to use this wonderful yet mysterious machine? It’s simple really. You have fresh water poured into the filter at the left back of the machine. You place your sterilised bottle under the spout, move the dial to the number of oz you’d like to have, and press the main button. This then releases what they call a “hot shot”. You then add the desired number of scoups of formulae. A quick release of boiling water sterilises the bottle once more and the formulae again! You press the button for a second time, and the perfect prep machine will continue to fill until it’s reached your chosen oz. You have only a 2 minute window to press a second time, so make sure you do that before continuing with preparing your baby. Once the machine stops apply the teat and give the bottle a good shake. Then it’s ready. It gives you the perfect temperature bottle. !

I can’t tell you how much easier this has made my life. Rather than either waiting for a bottle to warm in a jug of hot water, or waiting for a fresh boiling bottle to cool down, or even over heating in a microwave (I have done all of these)! It has saved so many tears and stresses.

You’ll find TommeeTippee’s website extremely useful and any information into the financial costs of these fantastic machines.

TommeeTippee steriliser machine
TommeeTippee perfect prep machin

Written by Anna Manvell for her blog, Mymagical-Motherhood.

You can follow her on instagram here!


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