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'Sorry My Chins Offended You' - Helen George Hits Back at Body Shaming!

Fans of ‘Call The Midwife’ will be familiar with the actress Helen George who plays the glamorous Trixie Franklin – she recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl!

A Twitter ‘troll’ (for want of a better adjective) posted the below tweet, shaming Helen for her figure – lets bear in mind that the latest episodes were filmed during her pregnancy!

A huge well done to Helen on her epic mic drop!

Luckily, a barrage of supportive comments defending Helen poured in…

“Thank-you for your positive response. I know a lot of mums who do not feel body confident because of nasty comments.”

“This just goes to prove that we can fight ignorance and body shaming.”

“I’m disgusted that people have the audacity to insult you. You are an amazing role model and look very healthy to me.”

“Nicely put, although he doesn’t deserve your time beautiful lady!”

For every vile troll, there are hundreds if not thousands of lovely people, which is truly lovely to see!

Have you ever been body shamed during your pregnancy or after having a baby? Tell us in the comments – take the power from the trolls, embrace yourself and your pregnant/post-baby body!

Love from Katie. Xx

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