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The New Baby Dove Range – Love or Loathe? Real Mum Reviews

by Bump, Baby & You

A review of the new ‘Baby Dove’ bathing range by Dove

Baby products; oh my lord. The variety! The things to consider when selecting products to use on our baby’s delicate skin…

Enough to send any first time mum into histrionics on the toiletries aisle!.

Simple, Child’s Farm, Burts Bees… there are so many ranges these days aimed at babies with sensitive skin, for mums who want to avoid unnecessary harsh chemicals. What was once a market niche has now become an entire new market of its own, with pretty much every range of baby toiletries now having a ‘sensitive’ alternative.

Dove, famous for being gentle, has released a new line of products aimed at babies. I, like many other mummies, love the entire range of Dove products, especially their body washes and hair conditioners! Heaven in a bottle! Can’t beat shaving your legs and then lathering with some Dove body wash.

So, naturally, I decided to give this range a go.

                                                                       The Dove Baby Range (UK)

This is the range available in the UK; I’ve seen photos of a Baby Dove cologne that isn’t available here in the UK, so I assume that this is a US product.

The Baby Dove range available in the UK contains

  • Wipes
  • Body lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Nappy cream
  • Bodywash
  • Soap bar

It comes in the standard range (blue cap) and sensitive range (white cap) but the entire range is marketed as ‘mild’.

Where can you buy Baby Dove products?

You can buy it here:




Personal review

My personal experience with the range is delightfully positive! I’m a chronic complainer and not afraid to say if I’m not a fan of a product, so Dove must have hit the nail on the head for me to be so enamoured!

My 9 month old son suffers with eczema, like myself, so we both use the range. What’s good for baby is good for me, right? ;D

I can honestly say that his skin seems much clearer, softer and far less inflamed since we started using it.

Cheap; cleans efficiently; leaves a clean and natural yet unobtrusive scent behind; not harsh; moisturises and nourishes skin.


Some babies with allergies have had reactions, different skin types may have varying reactions to the products; a few people aren’t a fan of the scent.

Testimonies from our private group

In the name of fairness and objectiveness, I asked the lovely parents in our private group ( what they though of the products in the Baby Dove range.

Here are some reviews of the Baby Dove range from real mums:


Chelsey McCauley;

“We used it last night for the first time ! It leaves Olivia’s skin so smoothe and toned down her eczema better than what we had been using ! Definitely a must have ! Can’t wait to use it on our new baby too!”

Courtney Bird;

“After 6 months under the dermatology unit at the hospital this is the only range to have cleared up my sons skin!

We got the sensitive one, still smelt lovely, bubbled up well and bargain for a £1! Would recommend to any one xx”

Samii Jean;

“The shampoo is to die for! Helped with my 13 week olds cradle cap after only a few washes and it smells AMAZING!! X”

Elle-Astra Main;

“Well I used the head to toe wash this morning to wash my face and my skin felt amazing after ?? makes my babies skin super soft too after a bath! Xx”

Jo Beasley;

“We have used the head to toe wash and the moisturising lotion, it has helped my little boy’s eczema, we have tried a wide variety of products but this is the only thing that has soothed his skin. I use it too! X”

Emma Angus;

“I love how it’s so gentle and doesn’t irritate my boys skin! I tested it before my baba was born and it left me feeling Smooth and soft.. The products smells amazing and leaves Wyatt’s skin&hair feeling really soft x”

Jessica Clarke;

“Cleared my little girls dry skin up overnight ???”

Helen Smith;

“Smells amazing!! I could wash myself in it!!”

Beth Robinson;

“Used it on my little man as he has eczema, dry skin and a sensitive chest scar. It worked amazing and makes his skin really smooth x”

Lyndsay Anne McLennan;

“Just about the only bath range that doesn’t bother my baby girls skin and they both have really sensitive skin plus, it smells gorrrrrg ? I won’t deny I smother myself in it ?”

Emily Day;

“I’ve used every product they have brought out apart from the bum cream. The wipes are amazing as are the body cream/ shampoo & body wash. They smell fab and leave hair and skin super soft. My daughter has quite sensitive skin and this is absolutely fine with her! Xxx”

Nicola Ingham;

“Their skin is so soft I use it on myself and I am 23!”

Niicolee Elizabeth;

“I love the smell it’s smells lovely I use it myself ahaha xx”

Andrea Williams;

“I have tried the dove moisturising lotion and its amazing. I used it when my baby was a couple of days old. His skin was so dry all over his body. I use it every day and it has cleared his dry skin up completely. Also, it doesnt make his skin sticky like other moisturisers do xx”

Lauren Louise-Hayden Nicholls;

“Use it on my daughter and she has such sensitive skin works amazingly for her no rashes nothing xx”

Jodie Edwards;

“I loved the smell?? and the smell lasted!!”

Rachael Haworth-Winning;

“I used the dove sensitive wash for my little girl who suffers with extremely dry skin and eczema, after ONE WASH her skin was like new!!! Couldnt believe it, she slept a full night without being irritated and waking up, amazing stuff xx”

Melanie Brown;

“My daughter has sensitive skin and this is the only baby stuff that her skin doesn’t have a reaction too. X”

Jessica Louise Harding;

“It’s cleared up my sons cradle cap completely

Smells amazing

He has really sensitive dry skin, but his skin now feels amazing all the time!”

Natalie Wood;

“I love the shampoo! Smells amazing!”

Chantelle Celetiaa-Print;

“My baby came out with weird rash with it”

Laura Berry;

“I absolutely love this! It has worked wonders for my little boys cradle cap and is the only thing that doesn’t really make his sensitive skin flares up. We struggle with his eczema and his cradle cap has been horrendous since he was about 3 weeks old, but since using this, he doesn’t scratch half as much and it doesn’t look as red anymore. Couldn’t recommend it enough x”

Laura Smith;

“I’ve been using the shampoo on my little girl and it smells amazing!! Looking forward to trying the rest of the range! X”

Louise-Patricia Dalby;

” Used the bath stuff once and had to rush my son to hospital. Then I used the wipes I had gotten for taking my make up off and I got a rash all over my face and hands”

Toni Molloy-Jones;

“I really like it, its been great for my little girls excema. We’re using the whole range now lol, and it smells amazing x”

Leah Button;

“I love the shampoo as it has a more natural scent and it’s soft on my sons skin, I love that it helps bring out that natural baby smell that all mummies just adore x”



Overall, a very positive response to the Dove Baby range! There were few negative experiences, such as rashes and a dislike to the scent, but this was to be expected as different people react to different products; a case of individuals.

Dove has successfully entered the market for gentle baby cleansing products, with flourish. I can see these products continuing to sell well for some time to come.

High 5, Dove!


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1 comment

Rhian 16th June 2019 - 9:12 am

I had visited the doctor twice with my son’s extremely dry skin. The skin around his ankles would crack open and become sore and his whole body felt like sandpaper. Was given two different types of cream by the doctor to use but none of them helped with his skin. I was at my wit’s end as nothing seemed to work

Then one day I saw an advert for baby Dove and thought I’d give it a go. Within a few days his ankles had healed and his skin felt so soft. Bravo Dove!!!!! I also used Dove baby shampoo on my son’s thick cradle cap which I thought would never go. Within a week it has also gone (only a small amount remains as my son has very thick hair, but I’m confident it will be gone in another week).

I will be using Dove on my son for the next few years. Thank you Dove!!!!!!!


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