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Top Pregnancy To Birth Apps

by Bethany Collings

Hiiii my lovely readers!

Recently found out you’re pregnant? Unsure what are the best apps out there?

After asking Mummies from our Facebook Group, I was curious to see everyone’s favourite apps – whether pregnancy related, contractions or even feeding tracking app.

It can be really hard trying to find an app to suit a person. I am going to do a couple of mini reviews and tell you why you need to download these apps quick!

Pregnancy +

When you download the app, you’re ask to fill in the basics…

Your name.

Are you Mum or Dad?


Due date.

Every week you get to see a different picture of what your growing nugget looks like, starting from a little blob into a blossoming baby. You also get interesting and informative new reading material which is related to your pregnancy progress.

You have different task bars; one for your appointments, another for tasks and one for baby names.

The ‘baby’ section comes with a daily and weekly overview. There’s a size guide comparing your baby with fruit and veg, a closer image of what your baby may be looking like at this moment in time, a timeline of your pregnancy, starting from 0 days to 42 week, and finally, a kick counter which is handy to help you learn about your baby’s movement patterns.

The ‘me’ part tracks your weight, belly diagram (you can also add pictures), birth plan, a shopping list for baby and hospital bag. There is also a handy contraction calculator!

Baby Centre

When you open this app, you need to enter your email, a password and due date.

You can see your weekly progress, going backwards or forwards if you wanted.

You get to see your baby’s growth through the weeks, comparing your little jelly bean with fruit and veg!

They have a task bar for your bump pictures and another for baby names that they’ve set up for you with over hundreds to choose from.

You get to add stickers to your bump pictures and also your baby scans or children’s pictures for more of a personalised and meaningful touch, which is a nice feature!


When you open the app, you need to:

Register your First and Last name.

Your birthday.


Pre-Pregnancy weight

Baby’s nickname

Due date

Everyone needs to download this! Why? Because you get to compare your baby to ‘fruits and vegetables’, ‘Parisian bakery’, ‘weird  but-cute animals’  and ‘fun & games’. How cool does that sound? It also tells you the size of your child’s hand and the more weeks that go by, the bigger that tiny hand grows.

This was my FAVOURITE app ever.

With this app you can tick if you’ve had your medication, whether pre-vitamins or any serious medication. This is helpful if you’re forgetful like me (oops!). You can track EVERYTHING you can imagine with this app. Definitely one to have if you haven’t already got it.


With the bounty app you have to do the same as all the other apps before when you register. But you also need to include an address, this is so they can send you samples or promotions when and as they happen! Sounds great right?

With SO much reading material, growth images, you also get help videos too. This app tracks your baby’s foot size compared to your phone screen and this alone melts my heart.

The middle section of the app is full of information on FREE STUFF! YES YOU SAW RIGHT! You get a choice from a Gift Box, Mum-To-Be-Pack, Newborn Pack and The Growing Family Pack. These can be collected via Boots, Tesco or Asda, just click the store you prefer.

When choosing your preferred hospital to give birth, there is plenty of information available on different subjects. Pregnancy related, baby related or post partum related, your hospital will have everything you need.

I hope this has helped and you find an app that is right for you.

I really wish you the best in your pregnancy and have a safe delivery!

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