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Your Hospital Bag

by Bethany Collings

Heeeeyyy guys – today we’re talking hospital bags!

When you go to your 20 week scan, you may start thinking about your hospital bag and what you’ll need to bring. So I’m going to show you what I packed.


1. Bag or suitcase?

Starting off with the very basics, you will need a bag or a suitcase to carry your stuff in with you. I packed numerous bags full of my own clothes, his clothes, a baby bag and literally a blue IKEA bag full of food. I really wish I had took a suitcase or hadn’t been so OTT.

My IKEA bag had loads of breastfeeding foods like flapjacks and lactation cookies (I googled the recipe). I also packed bottled water, Lucosade and a heap load of chocolate. I was being induced so had no idea what to expect in regards to time. I decided to pack snacks and meals for my uncertain journey ahead.

I wish I had taken a suitcase as it would have been easier to trolly around but I brought several bags. Granted my husband did all the carrying, so I didn’t have to worry too much. We left the camera and formula/breastfeeding bags in the car until they were needed.

The reason I packed my daughters stuff separately was because of the midwives. I was informed that they would pull all of my stuff out if I didn’t bring a specific bag with just my daughters stuff in. So I packed all her bits separately saving the embarrassment of all my pads and knickers being left on the floor in a rush to clothe my newly born baby.

Hospital Bag

2. Clothing

When it comes to bringing clothes for you then you need to make sure you bring something that you are happy going into the bin if needed too.

A little tip for first time mums, don’t bring bibs. Take muslins! I say this because newborns don’t really dribble. So when you’re burping your baby you don’t have a tiny little piece of cloth to catch all that puke. And muslims suck it up like a towel would, pure magic.

I was very determined to breastfeed as soon as my baby was born, so I wanted to make sure I was full equipped with the correct clothing in labour. I wore a nursing night dress with detachable clips so it was easy to get my boobs out for skin to skin and the first feed.

I packed maternity bras (two), four or five vests that were easy to pull down to feed. I took comfortable PJ’s, socks and slippers to walk around in. A dressing gown to keep me covered when wondering the halls of the hospital.


3. Essentials

I brought disposable underwear. I brought a lot of disposable underwear! But I bled very heavily after giving birth and I found I didn’t have the energy to walk to the loo every hour so make sure you have sturdy pads on hand. To be very honest I can’t even remember putting on my first pad after labour, it is a mystery to me how I had one on.

Shampoo, soap and deodorant is something you will need to bring. I would recommend perfume free products as different smells can confuse your baby from breast milk. Your milk has a certain smell which helps to guide your baby so be sure to sure scent free products.

If you’re thinking of breastfeeding then make sure you take nipple cream with you. Your boobs will not be used to the force of the suckling but not everyone has this problem. A lot of people don’t struggle but I was the minority.

Things like nipple pads will also be needed to be packed. When I first gave birth I didn’t do much leaking but when I fed on one boob then the other would begin to leak, so it is always best to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. Also your nipples may hurt whilst breastfeeding. You may find that caking them in cream on a pad will do you the world of good.

You may be in hospital for a while, from labour to finally waiting to be discharged. You will definitely need a charger for your phone and also a lot of memory. Trust me when I say you don’t stop taking pictures.

Not all hospitals give you towels. Such a daft thing but it’s true! I packed a black towel for myself and one for the baby,

Don’t forget to pack your maternity notes and if you have it, your baby’s red book.


4. Your Baby

You will need a more than a few of vests, sleepsuits and hats because you don’t know how long you will be staying. It all depends on what time you gave birth, if it is your first baby and if there have been any issues.

Nappies and Sudocrem are a must. Don’t forget them like I did! Maybe nappy sacks if you wanted but there will be sackless nappies in the bin so it’s your choice.

People are pretty skeptic when it comes to bringing formula. Most women are very set on wanting to breastfeed, some choose to bring it and others don’t. This is YOUR choice. I personally chose to bring it and I used it twice in the 7 months i’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. Once to give my poor nipples an hour break and the last time was when I was physically unwell so wasn’t able to feed her.

I was told by the internet to bring wool and use water to clean my baby for the first few weeks. But I chose to use ordinary sensitive wipes, you can also use Water Wipes. Whichever is your own choice. I would recommend still bringing cotton wool, just in case. I used my cotton wool for her first bath in hospital.

Don’t forget your all important ‘coming home outfit’. Always consider the type of season and weather it will be when your baby is born. You don’t want to over or under dress.


5. Everything Else

Loose change will be needed for the hospital. You will need to pay parking tickets, vending machines and anything else.

Props for Bounty. When you give birth there will be a Bounty rep who comes around your ward to offer you newborn pictures. If you want these images then I would recommend bringing some bits you want involved, otherwise you can just say ‘no thanks’.

You may decide to bring a camera to your labour to capture the birth. I have some cringe worthy images but mainly a lot of them I am thankful for. It’s nice on those sad days just to sit back and remember everything.


I really hope this has helped any soon to be mummies who are a bit stuck on what to pack for their hospital bag.

I wish you the very best in everything.


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